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What drives future growth is ‘knowledge and innovation’ which is invisible rather than visible capital and labor, according to Professor Paul Romer, the Nobel laureate in economics.

The ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, unlike the 3rd Industrial Revolution which has become a symbol of change, such as petrochemical, heavy industry, and urban construction with the spread of computers and the internet, is expected to bring more precise, more efficient, wider and grander transformation.

Core technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things(loT), autonomous driving, and virtual reality, which are called the flowers of the 4th Industrial Revolution, will have a huge impact on economic activities all over the world in the future and they will be applied to most industries such as manufacturing, distribution, and healthcare, and it will change the paradigm.

Creativity and imagination are now invisible powers that will change our society. Green ENS Co., Ltd. started with communication technology, is now aspiring to make its share of contribution for the development of the 4th Industrial Revolution, share and create the future visions and realities together with you. Your supports and encouragement would be most appreciated. Thank you

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