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Communication Business

Main business
Execution of Line set-up project of the 1st tier group of KT
Business area
KTTH-R Internet Line establishment
3G repeater, LTE network and 5G network wired line establishment
Dedicated line network for the infrastructure of government and apartments
Contracts awarded from KT
Selected as a KT Group 1 partner company
2006 ~ 2007
Wireless base station and wireless network
2008 ~ 2010
E-government integrated network construction work for Seo-gu Office and Dong-gu Office
2011 ~ 2015
Sector 5 key optical cable supply construction (North Gwangju-Hwasun, etc.)
2013 ~ 2016
Wireless network optical supply podium Construction_ Advance works (North Gwangju, etc.)
2014 ~ Present
Rural FTTH-R broadband network construction track construction (Gokseong, Goheung)
2018 ~ Present
KT 1st group maintenance partner-wired line construction dedicated construction work (Gwangju Jeonnam)