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Engineering & consulting

Engineering & Consulting

Microgrid is a small-scale local power grid that can collect distributed energy sources and manage supply according to demand.
Green ENS conducts feasibility review and offers development advice on renewable energy projects at home and abroad.

Overseas power generation projects

Green ENS is providing consulting and supervision services in the field of overseas electric power construction projects which are carried out to expand the power supply capability and to provide stable power.

Solar-light power generation
Market & environment analysis
Feasibility evaluation
Project development consultation
Research & investigation(basic plan & feasibility review/business evaluation
Design & construction(project management)
Power supply and demand management (voltage, power factor, active power, reactive power management)
Supervision service
Supervision service as per the construction of new and renewable energy
Overseas power generation project
Consulting & supervision service-power transmission substation distribution
Key accomplishments
Participated in the IoT-based campus microgrid construction project of Seoul National University
Establishment of Naju Sports Park micro grid
Participated in smart energy campus establishment project of Jeonnam University
Development of energy independent island MG system precision diagnosis system
Participated in the National Innovation Cluster Project of MG-DR development based on artificial intelligence by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Participated in the future smart grid empirical research project by the Ministry of Industry
Micro grid EMS / PMS development technology
PMS(Power Management System)is a comprehensive power energy management system that performs condition monitoring and control of power according to load conditions in a small power grid composed of distributed power and renewable energy sources.
μPMD(μ-Power Measurement Device)) is a power measurement device that precisely measures the power generation status of distributed power sources and renewable energy sources, loads and energy storage devices, and transmits them to the PMS.(voltage/current phasor, system frequency, power (P/Q), switch (On/Off), alarm)
Smart Grid
Smart grid measurement & control technology
PMS-based real-time power condition prediction and intelligent power grid measurement and control technology for analyzing the cause of power facility failure using GPS time synchronization technology
PMS-based real-time power state measurement technology / cloud-based monitoring technology
Smart Grid
Urban infrastructure real-time air quality monitoring prediction platform of smart city