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Environment & consulting

Environment & Consulting

Carbon asset management

As Korea has shifted from a greenhouse gas and energy target management system to an emission trading system in response to climate change, companies need to establish a more efficient and sustainable carbon asset management system. Green ENS is ready to provide customized solutions for your carbon asset management needs.

Establishment of AMI system and carbon emission trading system

Green ENS, in response to request made by Gwangju Metropolitan City to build carbon emission control system, established a portal site for climate change and introduced a climate change response policy, including carbon bank related carbon emission information, an introduction of the carbon bank system, CO2 promise, and CO2 reduction, etc., as well as providing climate change news to the general public. Green ENS, in cooperation with Daewoo Information Technology and the Climate Change Portal website, has presented an informatization direction so that the carbon banking system can be settled and spread early, and currently maintaining the carbon emission system successfully.

Carbon asset management
Development of international cooperation projects and project plans
Policy development
Climate change and emission trading policy development
Analysis and modeling of reduction potential by industry
Carbon asset management
Consulting on coping with the regulation regarding emission trading system
Establishment of reduction DB and analysis of reduction potential
Consulting regarding emission allocation
Emission trading and management strategy development
Carbon Asset Management Strategy development
Renewable energy business strategy consulting
Key accomplishments
Ghana – improved cook stove supply project
Myanmar – cook stove business (planned)