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In-House R&D Institute

μPMD(micro Power Measurement Device)

PMU function
IEEE C37.118(2005) Standard
Synchronous phase measurement function based on GPS time synchronization provides real-time comprehensive monitoring of the transmission and distribution system and data for prompt identification of failures

Power measurement function
P, Q, V, f real-time power measurement
Measures three-phase voltage and current at high resolution to calculate active and reactive power, normal voltage and frequency, and monitors the state of power.

Control function
Inverter control by external communication
Secures system stability by starting/stopping the inverter and controlling voltage, active power output, and reactive power through external serial communication

Main functions of operating software

– Real-time data collection between field MG-RTU

– Ethernet communication protocol design

– Event and accident waveform data collection in case of failure record

– AC/DC power quality (SAG, SWELL, harmonic) analysis and detection

– DB management of power/power consumption data

– Server-Client structure provides information to multiple users

μPMD(micro Power Measurement Device)