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In-House R&D Institute

Multi-channel Energy Metering Device AC/DC multi-channel power meter

AC/DC Power Measurement Functions
A 1.0 power meter that measures three-phase AC voltage and current to calculate effective power, reactive power, frequency, and power factor.

24CH / 6 Feeder Configuration
24 input channels. Up to 6 feeders of 3-phase power being configured, up to 19 load-measuring configurations for single phase loads.

Solutions for Building Energy Management System,
Factory Energy Management System,
Building Automation System,
Solar Power Plant O&M Solution

Main hardware specifications

Control power (power consumption)

AC220V, 60Hz, DC380V (5Wh)

Voltage input range (precision)

AC 0~600V, DC 0~750V, (±0.1%)

Current input channel (precision)

AC 0~120A, DC340A(1%)

Voltage input channel

AC 3channel(3P4W), DC 1channel

Current input channel

AC 19channel, DC 1channel



Hardware Specifications

ARM Cortex M7, 1MB Flash, 320kB SRAM

Measurement function

AC voltage, current phaser, frequency, DC voltage, current

Power calculation function

AC active power, AC reactive power range, DC power

Communication function (port)

TCP/IP(RJ45), Modbus(RS485)

Pre-setting function

Windows Configuration Software

Certification Test (KOLAS)

IEC62053-21, IEC61000-4-2, IEC61000-4-4, IEC61000-4-5