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SI Business

System Integration (SI)

Green ENS provides customized system integration development and construction to various fields such as government offices, airlines, shopping malls, WEB, MOBILE, HYBRID APP, additional charge system, specialized education service, integrated authentication system, and other fields.

Green ENS provides cutting-edge IT solutions and services to improve business efficiency by developing and operating mobile applications specialized for corporate business in various industries, and to support customer revenue creation and competitiveness enhancement.

Green ENS is a partner of Asiana IDT with project know-how accumulated by industry based on professional manpower, global network, and differentiated technology.

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Generation
Client: Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Research Institute
Project content: Rebuilding the intranet system
Development method: Internal closed system, internal ERP (personnel information system) interlocking development
Korea Regional Administrative Mutual Aid Association
Client: LGCNS / Korea Regional Administrative Mutual Aid Association
Project contents: Development of the entire homepage and related interfaces
Development Method: Responsive Web
2014.01 ~ 2014.12
Corporate M&A management system / Small & Medium Business Administration
2014.09 ~ 2015.01
Website mobile renewal for Korea Vocational Competency Assessment Service / Korea Vocational Competency Assessment Service
2016.11 ~ 2017.04
Yerimdang LMS / Yerimdang
2016.09 ~ 2017.06
Viewer and authoring tool for 3D Printer / Geist
2016.09 ~ 2017.05
Secure disk PC agent utilizing multi-factor authentication / Geist
2017.05 ~ 2017.08
HK Savings Bank’s internet phone PC agent / ECS
2017.06 ~ 2018.06
Lotte Tour Development’s next generation system / LOTTE Tour Development
2017.09 ~ 2017.09
Kookmin Card ARS social security number encryption patch / ECS
2017.09 ~ 2018.03
Innobles LMS / Innobles
2018.06 ~ 2019.02
Lite coin, wallet for ERC 20 (multiple) / M2O Global
2018.06 ~ 2019.02
Mileage integration platform using hyperledger fabric / M2O Global
2017.12 ~ Present
Abu Dhabi security mail project / H&P Solution